"A good home must be made, not bought."

[Note: Due to an incorrect button click this post was lost in its entirety, to the great distress of the writer. This is a reconstruction of the post, but due to frustration, is not as long or as developed as the original was.]

Since we don't have internet at home it is hard for me to post regularly on this blog. However, I hope to make a better effort then I have been recently. Since I love making up schedules (though I don’t really follow any schedule for any length of time) I have decided to schedule blog writing. My goal is to post once a week and give an update on what’s new and what I’ve been up to.

This week I’ve began a new project. Since the choir I’m in requires music to be memorized and we will be standing in mixed formation, I’ve been forced to look for means of learning my pieces. Since we don’t have a piano or even a keyboard, I have turned to the computer. GarageBand, thankfully, has the ability to record notes from a computer keyboard and then I can manually add more and edit them. This has worked extremely well for me and has greatly aided me in learning my pieces. As a result of working with this program, I’ve decided to do a similar thing with hymns. I enter in each part on a separate track so that I can choose to listen to just the alto line or all parts together. I’m hoping that this will help me learn my parts for church singings as well as for my own enjoyment.

Here are the books that I have been reading this week
I have also been studying different subjects. I guess I’m a perpetual
student because I just can’t seem to quit. I’m studying two different fields of math (partial differential equations and abstract algebra), Latin and Final Cut Pro.

In addition to continuing to work on my quilting and cross-stitch I’ve added knitting to the mix. Last Saturday I attended a free lesson at Jo-Ann Fabrics and learned the basic knit and pearl stitch. I haven’t had much time to practice this week though.

As for cooking, I made bread (both white and cinnamon) and meatballs. The bread turned out great, however, we haven’t tried the meatballs yet. I think though that I only save $.50 a pound by making them myself, so unless they are really good, it really isn’t worth the work.

Well, that is what my week was like. Till next week…


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