Flowergirl Dress

Flower-girl's Dress
Originally uploaded by eagleswings.

Flower-girl's Dress
Originally uploaded by eagleswings.
Here are some pictures of the dress I have been working on last weekend. It is waiting to be fitted right now and then hemmed. And then on to the next.

I have been having some problems getting the wrinkles out of the fabric as you can see. They will not press out, though I have only used the synthetic setting on the iron. Since the fabric is satin I have been hesitent to use higher heat. I tried leaving it in the bathroom during a hot shower, but it didn't help much if at all. If anyone has suggestings I'd be interested in hearing them.


  • Hey girl! How goes wedding planning? I hope all is well... trust me, I know how hectic it can be. I can't imagine graduating in the middle of it too! So, tell me some plans!!! I'm gonna be there! I can't wait... we are going to London, then we are coming home for five days, and it's on the weekend of your wedding! yay! ttys... Em

    By Blogger Emily "The Redhead", at 3:43 PM  

  • Oh fun!! I'm so glad you are coming. It will be nice to see you. I hope you have a nice time in London. That is one place that I would love to go. Please post pictures if you can.

    By Blogger Rachel, at 3:51 PM  

  • Rachel, the dress is beautiful.

    It looks much like the fabric for the bridesmaid dress for Mollie that she made for Stacie and Clayton's wedding. I hemmed the dress....all 8 gores....by hand and then steamed the entire dress. If I were you, I would take a swatch of the fabric and crush it in my hand to get a good wrinkle. Then experiment to see how hot is hot. As I recall, I used a fairly hot iron when I pressed Mollie's dress. An aside, the rest of the bridesmaids didn't iron well and I was happy that I had taken the effort to do so!

    Sorry we missed your shower on Monday night. Mollie and Aaron held their first annual Greene Bird Studios music recital that evening and all three of my boys were in it. The highlight of the evening, however, was their student who is 18 and is in the midst of writing a musical. He sang a song he wrote called "Listen to Theresa". It was a riot. It is my understanding that the Barn Theatre in Fulton County is going to actually do his entire muscial when it is done.

    Hang in there, by the way....only 25 more days!!!

    By Blogger prairie girl, at 7:12 AM  

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