The Sewing Continues

Due to the fact that every spare moment at home is devoted to sewing, I have not been able to get pictures uploaded yet. On a more positive note, I am almost finished with one of the flowergirl dresses. Though I know the second one will be better, I am fairly pleased with how this one has turned out so far. On the outside it looks wonderful. Don't look on the inside however, it is pretty messy.

I keep comparing it to cross-stitch. You can always tell a well done cross-stitch by what it looks like on the back side. A well-done one will look almost as neat on the back as it does on the front, but a less expirienced person's will look great on the front, but the back will be one hugh knot. That is what I feel this dress is - looks great on the front, but the back is a hugh knot. I made a few changes to the pattern:
  • Reduced the amount of fabric in the skirt
  • Changed the order of how the sleeve was sewn
  • Used an invisible zipper
Because of these changes (and the fact that the directions are not as clear as they could be) the lining doesn't hide all the ugly stuff inside. Oh well, it still looks good from the outside. I think that the second dress will go together much faster and now that I know what I'm doing I should be able to get the lining to cover everything.


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