The Library

My sister and I have our own library (though almost all the books in it are mine). It used to be my old room, but because I ran out of space for my bookshelves (it isn't a very big room), my sister graciously let me move into her room with her and we use my old room for a library/study. I love books. Sometimes I get the time to read them, but even if I don't I love to look at them. I love to be in my library and just know that I'm surrounded by books that are mine. Books that I could read if I had the time. So much information to be absorbed. So many things to learn. When I have the chance to relax I like to spend it in the library. The only thing better then a brand new book is an old book. I love used book sales. You can find so many treasures there. A couple years ago I found a copy of Pilgrim's Progress that was printed in 1863. I also have a bible from the same time period. These are probably my oldest books and they are my favorites. They are from an era when they were oftentimes the only books people owned.

Unfortunately, the library hasn't been a source of comfort recently. The reason for this is because I haven't cleaned it up in several months and there is hardly room to walk in there now. I can't relax very well in a room that is messy. But since I also don't have time to clean it up, I find myself avoiding it. And when I do have the time to clean it up, it will be to pack up all those precious books for their move to TN. And I know that I won't see them for a while, because I don't have enough bookshelf space for them. But they will still be there, waiting for the day when I'll unpack them and put them back on the shelf. And I'll have my haven back.


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