Rain, Rain, Go Away

It started Sunday afternoon and has been raining ever since. We had a leak in our roof and the roofers had started putting new shingles on. Thankfully the half of the roof they got done was the half that had the leak in it. So even though there is a river in our backyard, we remain dry and leak free inside. I do believe there is more rain in Tennessee then Illinois. At least there has been this year. Here it may be sunny and hot in the morning and be pouring down rain in the afternoon and then be sunny again before night. In Illinois you can see a storm coming for days. I think this must be due to the hills and mountains in Tennessee. We are headed up to Illinois this weekend for a visit and I hope the weather for the trip is good. I hate driving in the rain and that would mean that I would have to have the windows up and since there is no air conditioning in the car it can get rather stuffy.


  • Could ya bring some rain with ya? We'd sure be thankful if ya did.

    By Blogger dlr, at 2:45 PM  

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