A Busy Week

This week has been incredibly busy and I have not gotten done any of the things I usually do. TJ’s uncle Bob and aunt Jettia have been staying with his parents this week so that has added to the hecticness. On Sunday evening we went to the house in Centerville to visit. They are working on dry wall this week and it is starting to look nice inside. The blow-in insulation that should save them money on heating and air conditioning ended up making it very difficult to hang the dry wall so it is slow going.

Monday is usually the day I sit down and plan out the week, figure out menus and go shopping. However, over the weekend we discovered that one tire had a busted belt and another was bald. So I went with TJ to work in order to take the car to Sam’s and get two new tires. It took over an hour and I spent the time wandering through the aisles and writing down prices of anything that we buy regularly (TJ watched Aladdin). My project this week has been recording prices of groceries and other necessities in order to find where the cheapest place to buy things is. Through this I have discovered that it only costs an extra 2 cents per ounce to buy name brand Honey Nut Cherrios at Sam’s than to buy the cheapest store brand. And it only costs an extra 1 cent per ounce to buy name brand peanut butter at Sam’s. Since these are important staples to TJ we decided to purchase these products there instead of at the smaller stores. I have also discovered that buying Ziplock bags at Sam’s is cheaper then the cheapest bags at Aldi. However, Aldi still beats Sam’s in many things – ice cream, elbow macaroni, frozen vegetables, etc. However, Wal-mart has the cheapest cottage cheese around. There are also really strange things that I have discovered like the fact that Boston conditioning solution is cheaper at Wal-mart, but Boston cleaning solution is cheaper at Target. Go figure.

Tuesday was a relatively relaxed day. I was able to get the house spruced and get shopping done. I went to Wal-mart and got the oil changed. It took over an hour, but I spent the time pricing things so it was not wasted.

Wednesday I had tutoring and then Jettia, Elise, Johanna and I went to Cool Springs. We met TJ for lunch at Pizza Hut and then went to Wild Oats. While waiting for Jettia to shop there, Elise, Johanna and I wandered over to the nearby Christian bookstore. I must say that I was positively depressed when I left there. The lack of depth in the books on the shelves is appalling. Barnes and Noble was a welcome change when we went there later in the day. The wonderful smell of coffee mixed with books just beckons me to curl up with a mocha and book. After TJ got off of work we all went to Green Hills and visited the Apple Store and spent several hours playing with all the cool stuff. We got home late, but still was able to enjoy spaghetti and garlic toast. Mmmm

Thursday I again went with TJ to work and finished up pricing stuff at Sam’s. In the evening we went to a cook out at his parent’s house. Hot dogs and smores are hard to beat on cool October evenings.

Today I am again in Franklin with TJ. I have tutoring this afternoon and then we are looking forward to homemade pizza and a relaxing evening at home.

Though this week has been enjoyable I feel like I haven’t been home much and I hope I can just stay at home the next several days.


  • Hi Rachel (and TJ), I really enjoyed this weekly chronicle. Your font choice is very nice. What is Wild Oats? Thanks for the pricing info. I've been surprised before by where things are cheapest. Mom

    By Anonymous CovenantMom, at 10:56 PM  

  • Wild Oats is a natural health food store and the prices are astranomical. After being in there, stuff doesn't seem as expensive at other stores.

    By Blogger Rachel, at 2:51 PM  

  • Yeah, and not only are the prices astronomical (prices as in $$$ not prices as in Prices ROFL) but the people they let roam around in that place are nuts. I don't know how to explain it, but some of the people that shop at Wild Oats are fruit cakes...

    By Blogger Watchful, at 1:59 PM  

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