At home to stay?

This week we are trying out a new internet system. It is the wireless access through Verizon Wireless. Since we don't have a phone line and only use cell-phones we thought this would be the most cost effective way of getting internet. We have a 15 day trial on the hardware to see if it works well enought. Since we only set it up yesterday, we haven't tried it enough to know if it is worth the money. So far I haven't had any problem with it, but it seems to keep loosing connection for TJ. If this works I hope to post a little more regularly. I'm not making any promises, but I'm hoping to be more consistent.

Yesterday, Doug Wilson had a great post concerning the roll of women in Proverbs. Over the past couple years I have been very blessed by what Doug and his wife Nancy have had to say about women and how they should relate to the church, their husbands and their children. This post is another example of his wonderful insight.

Today is the day for moving our home office into a different room. Currently the office resides in the smallest bedroom, while my sewing and other storage things reside in the larger bedroom. With the baby coming we thought it would be better to put the baby in the smaller bedroom and combine the office with my sewing and other storage. It will be cramped, but I think with some smart organization it will work. I had originally thought it would be another month before we moved, but since we got this new wireless system, TJ wants to see if we can get the PC to get signal. Since we would be moving soon anyway he wants to do it now and scout out the room for the best available place to get signal. I'm excited about being able to finally get the baby's room put together. I'm glad that I took the time to other day to organized all my sewings stuff into boxes in order to ready it for the move.


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