Blow, Blow, Thou Winter WInd

It is finally getting cold here. The sky is grey and the wind is chilling. For quick bouts out a warm sweater is sufficient, but if you are out for any length of time then you better take a coat.

Last weekend TJ and I have been blessed to be able to attend the regional conference for uniting church and family. Though we didn't agree with all of what was said, we thought that there were some good things said. I especially appreciated the talks on church government. They were filled with scripture that applied and guided what was taught. There were a couple of the talks however, that have hardly any scripture in them at all. The speaker would make an assertion and when I expected him to then justify his assertion from scripture (and sometimes I knew the scripture was there to support it) he bypassed the scripture and just appealed to common sense. I must say that these talks greatly disappointed me and I couldn't help feeling that we were just sitting through a inspirational talk on how to run a better church. But despite these occurrences the conference was profitable and we had a good time.

For our first Thanksgiving together TJ and I are having his family and my sister and brother over. This means that I will be hosting 13 people for Thanksgiving dinner. Even though this sounds like a daunting task I'm actually looking forward to it. I have been planning things out for the last couple weeks. Today should be the last trip to the store and then I just have to set about preparing the food. Hopefully, everything will go off with no hitches.


  • Rachel,

    I'll bet your meal will be awesome!
    Can't wait to read about it.....

    We are a small group this year...just the 3 boys and Grandma. But it looks like we will have everyone home for Christmas....all 18 of us! I am on kitchen overload already!

    Happy Thanksgiving.

    By Blogger prairie girl, at 8:44 AM  

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